picture of Marc


I'm a postdoctoral researcher in the DFG-funded project SILPAC (H4, PI George Walkden) at the University of Konstanz. My research focuses on the role of learning in language change in the syntactic domain. In the project, I investigate how non-finite complementation, in particular -ing complements, spread in Early Modern English.

I’m also finishing up my PhD at the Centre for Language Evolution (CLE) at the University of Edinburgh, supervised by Profs. Jennifer Culbertson and Simon Kirby. In my PhD project, I address the question of how distributional properties of verb second (V2) languages affect the loss or retention of the V2 property. I conduct artificial language learning experiments and use corpora to investigate this question empirically.

My secret linguistic love is Romansh, a Romance language spoken in the Swiss canton of the Grisons (Graubünden).